Operation Wedding: shoes glorious shoes!

Since I got my wedding dress at the end of March I have been obsessing about shoes, veil or not to veil, vintage hair combs, headbands, jewelry, basically what to wear with my beautiful dress. I have to admit this is so hard to do since I haven’t actually seen the dress for 5 weeks and won’t be seeing it again till the end of the summer when it comes in to the shop.

Of course being a bit of a shoe fanatic I have been trawling the internet looking for visions of ivory, lace and satin. I know for sure that I definitely don’t want traditional bridal shoes as they really are not for me. Even if I got them dyed after the wedding I don’t think I would wear them again.

With that in mind I have been looking at alternative shoes to wear with my dress and ones that I can wear again. So whilst in Selfridges these little lovelies caught my eye…


Jimmy Choo’s in Champagne Lace…gorgeous!

I think I tried on about 4 different styles, but these ones made the cut:


Isabel- The sensible option


Lace- The Mary Jane’s


Nova- The sling backs

I am absolutely in love with these shoes and I only intend to get married once so I thought I might as well spoil myself. Sadly I didn’t actually get a pair on Wednesday. It was so hard to walk away, but I am totally confused by which ones style to go for and I don’t want to just jump in without fully doing my research- there may be something else out there.

I have also been lusting after these…


Swan Embellished Satin Pump by Manolo Blanik….ahhh a girl can dream!

I  just love these statement Della Sky Blossom bridal shoes by Freya Rose.

Check out the Mother of Pearl on the heels…amazing!

The only problem I have with both of these shoes is that although they are both stunning they are both still very traditionally bridal and I wouldn’t necessarily wear them again.  The Manolo’s are way out of my price range and the Freya Rose shoes are in the same price bracket as the Jimmy shoes, which I know I would wear again and again.


The budget buster in me did spot these shoes in Dune which are exact replicas of the Jimmy Choo Champagne range for a third of the price.  However after reading a whole load of wedding blogs right now the best advice that I have read is to spoil yourself as it is your wedding day after all.

So with that advice in mind I am going to get myself a pair of beautiful Choo’s next week, but which ones? 


You will have to wait and see!



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22 responses to “Operation Wedding: shoes glorious shoes!

  1. Ooh this is so exciting! I think it’s fab that you’re picking shoes that you know you can wear again, think how special it will feel the first time you slip your feet into them again after the wedding 🙂 I think I slightly prefer the sling backs but I think they’re all brilliant. (I have to say, those Manolo Blanik pumps are amazing too!)

  2. Oh my, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those shoes they are all gorgeous! Can’t wait to see which ones you choose. Its good to know that there are budget options to, but I think your right for splashing out on the jimmy’s for your big day!

  3. Oh wow, I vote the middle pair! x

  4. Sarah

    Id go slingbacks, they are amazing!!

  5. I know absolutely nothing about shoes (except for running shoes, and it’s a good job I’m never going to find someone to marry me otherwise I’d turn up at the altar in Asics) but even I think the ones with the roses are breathtaking. Not practical for every day though, as you say.

    I think the third pair (on the right) are my favourites 🙂


  6. They are all so gorgeous, I don’t know how you will ever decide! I’m still stressing about what dress!

  7. Freya Rose.
    hands down gorgeous!

  8. CHOOS!! I love the slingbacks! And they would be perfect for the holidays too! So gorgeous!

  9. They’re all so gorgeous, you’ve got to have beautiful shoes for your wedding! I think the slingbacks are lovely although I like the Dune ones too!

  10. Jan

    I love shoes!!! I like them all but think the slingbacks could probably be worn again the most. Let’s us know which ones you get. Xx

  11. As you know I have the Isabel’s and love them, but the Nova’s were my 2nd choice. I’m useless in heels so the Lace was too high for me. Whichever ones you pick, you won’t regret xxx

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