The week that was…

Happy Friday folks!  

Woah! I’m so glad that the weekend is here, especially because I have Sunday as a day off this week.  I think I am going to make it  a relaxing one since I have been rushed all week with a mountain of work and I was working on Bank Holiday Monday. 

It has been a great week though despite being all about work:


Everyday neutrals OOTD: Snake skin sleeved top, Topshop, white tank top, H&M, beige skinnies, H&M, jeweled ballet flats, Mimco.


One amazing smoothie with frozen berries, a banana, peach and mango coconut water, fruitein powder and hemp milk topped with goji berries and coconut.


Finally some spring sunshine! Open-mouthed smile


A deconstructed apple crumble for an incredible breakfast.  It included 2 baked apples topped with plain soy yoghurt, cinnamon and muesli.  Just too good!


A great Wednesday night movie, love this!


Still loving that sweet and salty combo!


Bargain veggies!


Bringing sexy back with a banana topped with dark chocolate dreams.  This snack never gets old!


My flowers have started to grow.  I thought the rain would have flooded the seeds, but they are obviously stronger than I thought.


Curry night!  Thai Green Curry is by far my favourite especially with baked tempeh and soba noodles.


Adoring my Lola Rose bracelets this week.


Trying out some new beauty products.  I may do a little review on these after I have had more experience of them.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend as my family is coming to visit which is always great.  Also, Alfie has the whole of next week off which means lots quality time together and lots of wedding planning can get done, definitely one of my favourite things to do right now.

What have been the highlights from your week?

What do you have planned for the weekend?

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



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15 responses to “The week that was…

  1. Glad your flowers made it 🙂 I need to plant some more seeds because our mini greenhouse blew over and they were un-salvageable- hopefully this weekend.

  2. LOVE it all. Great collage of pics!! Diggin the blog name as well!


  3. Hope you have a lovely weekend! I was worried about my seeds with the horrendous weather, but they seem to be quite sheltered on our balcony, and the lettuces and herbs are starting to come through!

  4. Kayleigh

    can i just ask, how do you eat your smoothies?! because when i see youve served it up in a bowl i cant imagine you slurping it out of it! do you get a straw and drink it from the bowl? spoon? so many ways!x

  5. I always look forward to Laura and your weekly round-ups because they tend to solve my customary ‘WTF am I going to eat?’ dilemma every Friday before I go shopping. I am so uncreative and have about one idea of my own per month 😛

    The colour of your smoothie is amazing. Oh, and you’re looking pretty darn amazing too!


  6. All work and no play for me : (

  7. Hooray for growing seeds – and hooray for some sun, finally! I’m loving it.
    I’ve also been loving breakfast apple crumbles with blueberries – and that Good Things moisturiser; it smells so good doesn’t it? 🙂

  8. Your plants coming through look great! That bracelet is gorge too, I just bought a bright pink one from accessorize which I love!

  9. Love your outfit in the first picture! I love the sweet and salty combo, too.

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