WIAW: Unpredictable

Hello loves!  I hope you are all having a great week!

My week has been super amazing so far the reasons why will all will be revealed in another post later this week.  Alfie has also had the week off work so it has been really lovely spending more time with him.

Peas and Crayons

This week I would like rewind to yesterday which was pretty crazy weather wise.  I know I was harping on in Sunday’s post about how beautiful the weather, but it has suddenly gone all grey with random spurts of heavy rain and then rays of sunshine early evening.  I wish it would make up it’s mind as working out what to wear becomes very difficult as I found out yesterday.


OOTD: Cable knit jumper, Mango, white shirt, H&M, skirt, Zara, tights, House of Fraser, boots, Dune.

After almost roasting in this outfit I later changed into something less wintery and more appropriate for the sunnier temperatures.


Grey tank top, grey, navy skinnies, H&M, blue flip fops, Asda

It felt so great to get out of those heavier clothes, only for it to turn grey again so out came a hoodie.  Don’t you just love the British weather. Winking smile

Now on to this weeks WIAW food porn…


After my workout at the gym I got my day started with a huge mug of earl grey in my brand new Russian doll mug.  I love how cute it is!


I then had to try the whole pretzels in the oats thing for breakfast and boy was I not disappointed.  I made a bowl of simple oats using water and almond milk and topped it with blueberries, salted pretzels and some mighty maple PB.  This was incredible, still love the sweet salty combo!

IMG_2410Later for lunch I made a mega salad which included mixed leaves, spinach, leftover roasted sweet potato and butternut squash, a left over bean salad, 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes and some mango, chilli and apple chutney. Yum!


In the afternoon I snacked on 2 apples to help get me through a mountain of data analysis.


For dinner I fancied a gigantic stir fry.  I added mushrooms, green beans, mange tout, onion, sweet corn, and 5 spice tofu with mirin, soy sauce, ume plum vinegar and sesame seed oil.  On the side I had some brown rice cooked in coconut milk which made it go almost like rice pudding.  This was so good!



The sun was still shining quite late into the evening so for dessert I thought I would get all summery with a bowl of pineapple and strawberries, which really hit the spot.


Then later into the night it got a little chilly so I in need of something warm and comforting like a hot chocolate to help keep the cold at bay.

As you can see it was quite a mixed bag of eats from wintery comfort foods and summery lighter foods.  Even my outfits complemented the change it weather conditions throughout the day.

I know I have probably asked this before, but what do you prefer to eat when the weather is hot or cold?

How you dress when the weather is unpredictable throughout the day?



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23 responses to “WIAW: Unpredictable

  1. Love the mug! Oh, and yeah – the stir fry looks good too. 😉

  2. British weather sounds a lot like VIRGINIA weather right now. We’ve been having freak rainstorms that keep catching me completely unawares…

    I have to try pretzels in oats! What a fun idea. [And yes, it really is cute.]

  3. I have never even hard of pretzels in the oats thing, but I am sure I would love it because I love salty and crunchy and that combines both!

  4. I know what you mean about the weather its been driving me crazy, plus it looks sunny but is then cold outside grr!

  5. I seem to eat similar things all year round, I just made a big batch of wintery soup!

  6. Hello, I love your blog! all your meals looks so delicious and are so inspirational (but I’m also glad you’re branching out into makeup and fashion, as I love both myself!) I was wondering if you might do a stockist post – because I’m fascinated by all the butters, milks and snacks you share and I’d love to get my mitts on some! (particularly the chai chocolate and the pretzels!) Thanks! x

  7. That mug is very cute 🙂 I like layers- all the time- in the winter they help keep the heat in, and in the summer you can take off layers when it gets warm.

  8. Glad to hear that you are having a great week! Hope it only gets better for you! I also like to see that I am not the only one who eats two apples at a time 🙂

  9. Pretzels + PB + oatmeal?! Genius!

  10. You’re so petite and adorable, and you will therefore make the loveliest bride! And that mug is oh so cute!

  11. I love your mug! I’ve found that the unpredictable weather is making me crave porrige and soups rather than the usual summery foods I’d eat at this time of year. x

  12. That mug is rather cute… I find when I am eating/drinking out of something pretty like that, well it makes whatever it is more enjoyable! When the weather is hot… I don’t have much of an appetite which is just not helpful in the grand scheme of things soooo I usually make a smoothie with plenty of nutrients in them, nut butters, fruits and such which also helps to cool me down

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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