WIAW: Factor 30

Well the weather has been so stunning the past few days and a little birdie told me that it is here to stay for the rest of the week…wohooo!


The sun always makes me happy and I have definitely been making the most of it by taking my work outside with me.  By 11.45 am I had already developed tan lines so on went the factor 3o.

Since it’s mid-week again it can only mean that it is time for one thing…

Peas and Crayons

For this weeks WIAW I am going to share with you the eats of Monday just because I managed to take pics of everything that day.

I woke up super early on Monday morning to get to the gym when the doors opened.  I did my usual Monday workout of 20 minutes of cardio on the bike and cross trainer and my upper body strength routine when I added some hip abductor exercises.  I have progressively been increasing the weights week by week and I am really seeing some definition now.


After showering and ready I made a huge mug of Earl Grey tea with  a bowl of fresh blueberries, a pear and an apple warmed in the microwave and topped with soy yoghurt, maple syrup, cinnamon and crunchy peanut butter.  This tasted awesome!

We then headed into town to pick up some bits and went to the market where I eyeballed some honey roasted almonds and cashew nuts…yum!


After getting some data analysis done and reading my emails I fixed some lunch.  I had defrosted a wholemeal wrap in the morning which I filled with spinach, mozzarella, tomatoes and green pesto.  On the side I had some raw carrots with some caramelised onion hummus.   Such a lovely and easy lunch.  The mozzarella, spinach and tomatoes is such a classic and the pesto just made it that extra tasty!

I also snacked on some pears later too.


For afternoon snackage I had some grapes with some honey roasted almonds and cashews which we had picked up off a stall at the market, which tasted incredible.  I was in and out of the bag snacking on them all day!


For dinner I made a quick Thai green curry using a shop bought paste and some full fat coconut milk.  I also added aubergine, broccoli, mushrooms, red peppers, green beans and sweet corn.  I had this with some brown rice.  Thai green curry is always a winner in my books.


Dessert was also delicious as it involved pretzels, Drogba chai dark chocolate with some Lindt milk chocolate and fresh blueberries.  Definitely a fab flavour combination. 

Later in the evening I snacked on 2 apples with a huge mug of chai tea and read my book which I started at the weekend…bliss!

Sometimes I can be so senseless where the sun is concerned when I am at home and forget to put sunscreen on. When I am on holiday abroad I am far more vigilant.  I am trying to be far more aware of the sun rays in the UK now even on cloudy days as those UV rays can still do some harm.

Are you more vigilant with sun protection when you are abroad than at home?  Is sun protection already a part of your daily routine?

On a  completely different note.  Do you remember that I discussed wanting to record a vlog in my New Makeup Buys post?  Well I only went and recorded one yesterday.  I think I sound like a complete dizzy idiot but I will be posting it on the blog soon so watch this space!



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30 responses to “WIAW: Factor 30

  1. runningcupcake

    I know what you mean about suncream- I will always put it on on holiday, but in the UK less so. I have some in my cupboard at work because even doing playground duty I can burn, as my skin burns pretty easily. But I don’t wear it every day (or have an spf moisturiser) as I have read the pros and cons, and think the vitamin D outweighs the small chance of burning each day when it is cloudy/the sun is not strong.

    • I don’t have an SPF moisturiser either and agree with you on the vitamin D thing, but defintiely make sure that I put sunscreen on when the sun is blazing like it is now though especially when I am out in it all day like yesterday. I don’t really burn at all but I don’t like to take any chances with these things 😀

  2. All your eats look so good, especially the wrap!
    I do aim to use spf on my face everyday but need to make it more of a priority now that the weather is hopefully getting better. x

  3. That breakfast looks fab! I agree with Maria’s comment regarding vitamin D, I think you have to know your own skin type and make a judgement with whether or not to put sun screen on. I don’t in this country unless its very hot and I’m outside for over an hour, I’d rather top my vitamin D up!

  4. I only put on sunscreem after being in the sun for an hour, I know it’s stupid, but since I never burn within an hour, I just am lazy.

  5. England has sun!!!! mmmm soy yogurt. I had an entire pot for breakfast with a bit of cinnamon in. Delicious.
    As for the sun screen thing, I was sitting at the doctor surgery a couple weeks ago and they were showing an advert about sun screen needed in the UK- it is even worse in the US but now that the sun is out I might wish I’d brought some!

  6. You’re so lucky for the good weather! Overall, ours has been dreadful lately. Everything looks delicious though!

  7. Sun protection should be a part of my daily routine but it’s not… something I really want and need to work on this summer! That is great you are seeing more definition from increasing the weight, keep it up lady 🙂

  8. Caramelised onion hummus sounds soooo good…. I am such a hummus lover,and caramelised onions…? I eat them plain when I have them at home,really! 😉
    I should really get some sunscreen,too… I have a sunburn already,aah,my super sensitive skin seriosuly suffers from the sunny weather!

  9. You have me dying to try that pretzel, blueberry, dark chocolate combo! Salty and sweet is my absolute favorite!

    I’m a crazy person about sunscreen (I blame my Irish skin!). I put on SPF 30 on my face, neck and ears every day, rain or shine. When I’m on vacation my boyfriend and I are known to go through a few bottles of sunscreen over the course of the week. I swear you still get really tan, just no burn! 🙂

  10. Jemma – I had to comment here and tell you I finally caved and bought some Thai green curry paste and coconut milk to make a stir-fry and it was so so good. Had it with brown rice as well, thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  11. Ahhh I’m so jealous of all that sunshine!!!! It’s been kind of gloomy here. Send some my way! 🙂

    Dagoba bars are SOOO good!!!

  12. What kind of hummus is that? that flavor sounds delish!

  13. attemptedhealthyandhappy

    Your dinner looks deliscious!

  14. I always put it on abroad, and I usually put some on here if I am going out for a run. I’ve just bought a day moisturiser with spf factor too, so I will be using that now that summer has arrived!

  15. Yum, I need to add pesto to my wraps- that sounds delish. I’m def better about putting sunscreen on when I’m on vacation…..

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