Helping You Find Healthy

Trying to stay healthy and on track with your eating can be difficult at the best of times. Knowing the nutritional values of foods, knowing which foods contain specific nutrients and knowing which training programs suit your needs can be a mine field with so many resources available.

Bupa have recently launched a collection of easy tools in the form of apps to help you discover that healthy medium.

The range of apps include a BMI calculator, running training programmes, nutritional guidance and so much more…


Many aspects of health are covered with these apps!

These wide variety of apps are free to download or register for and allow you to conveniently check different aspects of your health at your finger tips.

I explored many of the apps and as an amateur runner I found the running training programmes particularly interesting and was very easy to navigate around. The app allows you to select what level of running you are at from beginner to advanced and the gives you options for the distances you would like to train for starting with 5 km to a marathon. It then creates a training program to help you obtain your running goals depending on your selections.

For me it devised a 12 week training programme for a 10k race as an advanced runner (as I have ran a 10k race before).

I also checked out the BMI calculator which I am always dubious about in terms of how realistic they are in their calculations.

Just out of curiosity and because I had an alcoholic drink at the weekend I gave the alcohol unit calculator a try out. However, I found it hard at times to know which options to choose especially when it came to the volume of alcohol in the drink as I tend to just pour rather than measure.

Overall, these apps are a very useful resource for various health related topics to help you find healthy. The fact that they are a wide variety of applications all under one roof is a great idea as it saves you having to scour the internet looking for what you want.

Do you use the internet for health related resources?

Do you have any health apps on your smart phone?

What is your opinion generally about health resources on line?

This post has been sponsored by Bupa, but all opinions are my own as always!

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6 responses to “Helping You Find Healthy

  1. runningcupcake

    I only recently entered the world of the smartphone, so I have not really got anything like that on it yet. I like the sound of the run one, because it is a faff to find a plan, save it on the computer, print it off, etc. Having it on the phone would be easy. I would be interested to compare it to the runners world smart coach or something like that.

  2. This is so cool! I use a Sleep Cycle app to track my sleep and wake me up. I also like the GAIN Fitness app to help me with workouts when I need more inspiration.

  3. I do use the internet ALOT for resources! But I try to double or tripe make sure that it’s somewhat accurate since there’s so much info out there. I don’t do apps much, really. Have a great day!

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