Bad things turn good

So I decided to call to scrap calling my Sunday posts “Sunday Catch Up:” just because I love doing my weekly review of my goings on Friday in my “Week that was..” posts and I just thought it was getting a little bit repetitive.

This mornings breakfast was potentially a disaster.  My morning run got rained off so I decided to take my time over breakfast before going to Church.  I have been crazy over socca this past week I thought I would have one for breakfast. 

I had visions of cinnamon and vanilla socca wrap loaded with banana, fresh apricots, with a dusting of coconut and dried cherries sitting pretty on my plate waiting patiently for me to inhale it.

Instead I got a collapsed socca fail that crumpled when I tried to flip it.  I don’t know why, but whenever I try to add anything but fresh herbs to my socca they always fail…hmph!


It did taste pretty darn good though!  The house smelt of cinnamon and vanilla too, which I imagined the house would smell like if I had just made French toast, which is on my bucket list of things to make.

Yesterday morning’s breakfast was a a great success from the off…


I made this smoothie for breakfast on Friday and just had to have it again yesterday before work.  It’s made using a huge banana, chocolate and peanut butter swirl protein powder, smooth peanut butter and and almond milk, really creamy and delicious!


For yesterday I packed a wholemeal bagel filled with vegan spread, buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil with some carrot sticks.  This time last year I was getting really excited about going to Florence, so thought I would bring a bit of Italy to my lunch time break and it was fab!


Later I snacked on some fresh fruit at my desk…


…and could resist a slice of banana loaf that my work colleague had bought in, yum!


For dinner I made stir fried some kale, mushrooms, broccoli and some baby sweet peppers with some soft boiled eggs and a super soft plantain which meant that it was really sweet. I adore plantain!


I had to pop out to Sainsbury’s to get some supplies for the office and whilst I was there I picked up some goodies for myself…


These made for a perfect dessert as I settled in for the night with some nibbles of pretzels, a chopped persimmon and some Lindt Coconut Intense dark chocolate with a chai almond milk latte and a movie.


I just had to have a try of the bar of caramel and sea salt bar too! Open-mouthed smile


After church I wondered around town for a little while and checked out the sales and stocked up on some wardrobe basics like tank tops, tights and leggings.

When I got home I made a salad of little gem lettuce, raddishes, tomatoes, courgettes, carrots, cannellini beans and a red pesto dressing.


I even got to go out for my run in the end as the rain finally cleared.  It was a leisurely 10k run that I really enjoyed and another example of bad things turning good this weekend.

Monday: evening Yoga session

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run and ab and core work

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Body Pump class, which was freaking awesome!

Friday:  a mix of strength workout A and B with 20 minutes of intervals on the cross trainer and bike.

Saturday: REST

At the moment I have a little something something baking in the oven.  I will blog the recipe if they turn out well as it’s a little bit experimental and will post a pic on my Instagram feed later too.

I have a vlog coming up for you this week and a recipe so look out for those. Open-mouthed smile

Has anything that was bad at the beginning turned out good in the end for you recently?

My socca fail looked awful but tasted amazing in the end and I was so disappointed that it was raining this morning for my run, but at least I got to go out there in the afternoon instead.

What did you get up to this weekend?



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28 responses to “Bad things turn good

  1. Bronagh

    All your food in this post looks amazing, even the socca “fail” (doesn’t look like a fail at all to me, nom!) I really fancy a bagel now too! What does plantain taste like? I’ve always been curious about it. Oh and how is the Lindt coconut choccie? I’m on such a coconut kick at the mo, I think I might need to hunt down a bar of that to try 🙂

  2. Ooh, never has something made me wish I could eat wheat more than that bagel. And your eggs look great too – I really don’t like eggs at all but if I’m going to have to eat them then I’d definitely try to cook them the way you have (although I have no idea how to cook an egg really…oh dear!)

    Glad things turned out well for you in the end 🙂

  3. I have food visions like that which never turn out how I’d hoped – but as long as it tasted good and that sounds fab!
    I was disappointed when I saw Lindt had stopped making the dark with caramel but have to say the salted caramel one is growing on me… 🙂

  4. Errign

    Both those Lindt bars look AMAZING!

  5. Well I am glad to hear it turned out well in the end… it certainly appears to be a success!

  6. I have food visions all the time, and often cannot be bothered to do it properly! The socca still looks good even if it is not pancake-shaped.

  7. I’ve had a few socca fails in the past too, it seems that you have to get the pan at exactly the right temp and the ratio of flour and water right too, whenever I get a good one I’m happy! That it tasted good is the main thing though!

  8. You get to go to Italy? So jealous, I can’t wait for the pics (I’m hoping there’s gelato)!

    I haven’t had socca in ages, but I ought to – it’s sooooo good. And I don’t think that looks like a fail at all, it looks delicious to me!


  9. I think your socca “fail” looks pretty delicious!

    And that salad with the eggs – YUM. I need to try that. i’m in a over-easy rut. 🙂

  10. Your failed socca looks pretty good. I’ve never tried making it but really want to give it a go. The bagel for lunch looks so good, too. x

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  17. Caramel and sea salt chocolate is SO good! I am craving it now :p

    I have started running again, and that started out bad but ended up good. I am glad that I have gotten back into it.

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