I *HEART* June

A big yayyy for June!  It has been such a brilliant month for me. I can’t believe how quickly it went by though.  It means that I am one month closer to being a married woman, eek!

The weather has been completely crazy this month! Take yesterday for example it was like monsoon weather in the morning, ridiculously heavy rain and thunder and lightening, but then it turned into  a beautiful summers day in the afternoon.  Oh the charm of the British weather!


At least there has been some sunshine to enjoy at least!

I got to write my second guest post for amadoloves


…it was all about how to get great glowing skin from the food that you eat.

I was also honoured to be mentioned on the Cosmo website as part of their food bloggers hot topics post.


Still so chuffed about this!

Of course the best thing about this month was picking up my new toy.

I’m still trying to get used to all of the different buttons and gizmos on this thing.  I may have to read the instruction manual, which is something that I never, ever do!


Earlier in the month I got to meet up with one of my bridesmaids and we had a lovely day of shopping and lunch.


It was great celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee with my Patriotic Lemon Sponge, so delicious!

This month has been full of some amazing food too…


I also posted my Vegan Chocolate and Peanut Butter Brownie and Cherry Bakewell Oat Slices recipe.  A vlog about My Skincare Routine also went on the blog this month- check them all out if you haven’t already!

Fitness update and where I am now…

This month I have really been thinking about what I want from my workouts and what I want to achieve.  Over the past 6 months my total mindset about my workouts have changed-before I was a cardio freak and working out for my than an hour at a time.  However, since starting my job along with my PhD it has given me less time to work out.  This was hard for me to get my head around initially.  The usual fears about weight gain kept creeping into my mind.  I even reduced my meal portions at one point to prevent weight gain, which I know wasn’t the right way to go about things.


Starting my job although making my life hectic is quite a blessing not only because of the extra money and helping with the wedding budget but it has made me totally reassess my workouts and the effect of working out so hard must have had on my body.  My body must have been under so much stress as I was a bit of a cardio head.  But, not anymore I have a great varied workout schedule full of strength training, yoga and stretches and cardio. 

Not only has the content of my workout week also changed the length of my workouts have also altered.  Nowadays I only workout between 45-1 hour a day maximum, which is a lot less than before.  Although my workouts are shorter I still make them count.  I’ve come to realise that it is all about the quality of the workout rather than the quantity.  There have been times where I have worked out for longer and not felt that great afterwards because I didn’t put my all into it.  Now my workouts are shorter they are not so drawn out and I seem to concentrate more especially during weight training.


So fit and curvy. #Inspiration. #Fitness #Workout #Weight_loss

My current inspiration!

I know I have said it before but I have never felt better about myself, my body and life in general than I do now.  A lot of it has got to do with ignoring my hang ups and just getting on with things.  Being happy and healthy is definitely one of my new life goals!

So my goals for July include:

  • read more books- I was really getting into the groove with my reading but have let it slide again.
  • have a massive wardrobe clear out
  • enjoy running my Race for Life
  • Have fun at this weekends Godiva Festival
  • review my strength training workouts and work on my running mileage
  • try out a yoga class
  • finish the corrections to my thesis
  • create some inspiration boards for how I want my wedding to look

How has June treated you?  What made the month special for you?

Are you happy with your current workout routine? Do you ever think about what you would like to achieve from your workouts?



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15 responses to “I *HEART* June

  1. I’ve had a great June, looks like you did too! I am doing LiveFit which is super intense, 6 days a week at the gym for like 1-2 hours, is pretty hardcore. I’ve reassessed a lot of things though, and I realise that I can get in a pretty brilliant workout in like 30-45 minutes, so after I finish the program I will certainly be changing up my routine. I am thinking of sticking to 3 strength sessions a week, 4 runs and then getting back into some yoga sessions too, as well as a much needed rest day!

  2. I’m having a major rethink of my workouts at the moment. I cut mine down at the start of the year similar to how your doing now but it has built back up again while I’m training. Any how I think I might be making some big changes. Happy and healthy were the exact words I’ve been using myself today when thinking about things. Good for you having such a balanced approach especially when you have a wedding coming up!

    • Thanks Laura. It is a struggle to try and change workout routines when you have been doing the same thing for so long, but I have realised that shorter workouts which make the most of every minute are better for me in the long run and it also means that I can spend my time doing other stuff too.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic June! Your workouts sounds much more balanced now. I definitely agree that a shorter more intense workout will give you much more healthy benefits than a long drawn out low energy one. It sounds like things are very positive!

  4. Hey gorgeous,
    So happy to hear June was an awesome month for you.
    I’m also glad that you have realized that over working yourself on cardio isn’t healthy for you mind and body.
    Strength training is so important for bone health; more so than calcium!
    June for me has been educational, I’m learning more about myself and focusing on what really serves me ( not others or expectations ).
    With my workouts I have ever so slightly increased my speed and weights so I’m proud of my small achievement. Every workout includes both cardio and weights but in July I do want to focus on stretching and core strength.

  5. That Jim Rohn quote’s brilliant, love it 🙂
    It’s great that you feel in such a good place about exercise, etc – and it sounds like it’s been a brilliant June all round!

  6. Monica

    First of all, I love your new inspiration! I agree, long workouts do not necessarily mean better workouts. After doing an outdoor bootcamp for the past two months it made me rethink the way I structure my workouts. For July, my goal is to create more varied, challenging workouts that don’t always include long durations of cardio. I would also like to get an independent study project with an education professor organized for the fall term and get my master’s program applications underway.

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