Rained off!

My July hasn’t really started off with the “BANG” that I was expecting.  I was looking forward to running my Race for Life today and going to the Godiva Festival.  I received an email on Friday afternoon saying that it has been postponed because of the heavy rain that we had on Thursday and the Godiva festival was also cancelled.

I was really disappointed to say the least as that was all of my plans for Sunday ruined.  However to make up for it Alfie has just taken me out for a lovely meal at our favourite restaurant The Saxon Mill and we are off to see the Olympic torch later.


Lunch date OOTD: vest top: H&M, t-shirt: H&M, skinny jeans: Diesel, gladiator sandals: Office, scarf: H&M, bracelets: various.

To perk me up after my ruined weekend I ate lots of delicious food.  I kicked started my weekend with a delicious strawberry and peanut butter green smoothie in a bowl on Saturday morning.


This included fresh strawberries, a banana, smooth peanut butter, strawberry Fit Shake hemp protein powder, spinach, ice and almond milk.  I topped it with some dark chocolate covered seeds and some goji berries.  I loved this!

By lunch time I was craving a plate full of veggies so in comes another salad mountain:


The said mountain consisted of purple lettuce leaves, grated carrots, sweet corn, tomatoes, pepper and green beans and I topped it with a huge serving of Sabra hummus.  I still have know idea how they make their hummus so creamy smooth as my homemade hummus is never anything close to it- a totally mystery!

In the afternoon I snacked on a lovely selection of grapes, prunes and cherries:


The perfect afternoon pick me up!

There so many pizza posts on blogs this weekend that I knew that I had to have one for my Saturday night dinner.  Last week I picked up some of the Warbuton’s wholemeal square wraps.  I am so happy that they finally bought out a wholemeal version so I can actually eat them.   They taste amazing and make perfect pizza bases as you will see…


This pizza was epic!  I had roasted off some aubergine, onions and mushrooms in with some salt and rapeseed oil.  Once they were cooked I added a shop bought tomato sauce to the wrap, topped with the veggies plus some spinach and baked it for a further 5 minutes.   Then I grated on some vegan cheese for Tesco’s that I had seen on Laura’s and Jess’s blogs and dived right in.


The cheese was a great surprise as I was worried that it was going to be like plastic, but is really is wonderful and melts so well.

Later I went on a snack frenzy with chopped pink lady apples, salted pretzels and dark chocolate peanut butter cups and watched a movie.


Amazingly good!

This morning I had another lovely breakfast of cinnamon socca topped with almond butter, strawberries, a banana, soy yoghurt and honey.


Needless to say this was crazy good!

My workouts have been pretty great this week too:

Monday: Strength workout A and 20 minutes of HIITS on the bike and cross trainer

Tuesday: 4.5 mile run

Wednesday:  Strength workout B and a 3 mile run outdoors

Thursday: REST

Friday: my new all over body workout which I will share soon

Saturday: REST

Sunday: yoga podcasts

I decided to scrap my run today as I just didn’t feel like it.  Like I said in my last post I am all about being kind to my body and wanting to do the best for my body, despite what people may think.  Shorter workouts that I enjoy are far more better for me right now rather than spending hours on end in the gym like before.  The yoga session over the run was definitely the best decision for me today. 

I can so relate to Laura’s post right now as I am very much in the same place where reducing my wotkouts are concerned and just wanting to be happy and healthy.  And, Laura lovely we are not failures or copping out, we are doing right by ourselves for wanting better, happier and healthier lives!  Red heart

Even though my plans went all wrong for the weekend because of the weather we still managed to have  a great time.  My Race for Life has been shifted to a few weeks time so I can still take part.  I cannot wait to see the Olympic torch later, it should be fun!

How do you deal with ruined plans?  Have your alternative plans ever been better than your original plans?

What did you get up to this weekend?



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21 responses to “Rained off!

  1. I hate it when plans get ruined I am a real planner and feel slightly uneasy when they are changed last minute, control freak maybe! I had a lovely weekend especially the lovely dog walk I went on : )

  2. That’s rubbish about your race. I probably would have been really upset and frustrated if that had happened to me, a bit like Tamzin above, I hate when things are out of my control! I’ve had a cracking weekend, the highlight of which was my almost sub 45 minute 5 mile race yesterday, although I didn’t get a small t-shirt in the goody bag as they ran out…again, so unfair! It seems to happen every race! Looks like you had some great eats this weekend 🙂

  3. Oh Jemma I could just give you a big hug right now, you are so right that we are doing the best thing for our happiness and our health x x x x such a shame your race and festival got rained off! That bowl of pretzels, apple and Reece’s looks gorgeous!

  4. Sloane Pitman

    What yoga podcasts do you subscribe to? I have a studio at home that I am OBSESSED with but I have been searching for some at-home alternatives because 1) yoga is EXPENSIVE and 2) I’m going to Peru for 6 weeks, and will be in serious need of some yoga guidance.

  5. runningcupcake

    That is a shame, but as least they rescheduled-they have to be safe I suppose. I saw the torch on Friday- very exciting 🙂

  6. Argh, it’s a shame about the race. At least you still have a shot at it though – often they don’t reschedule these things. I was really hoping the marathon I was meant to be doing today might be postponed because of the weather but sadly not – I’m still kicking myself for not at least attempting it.

    Sabra is amazing – no other hummus even comes close and the texture is indeed so smooth and creamy, whereas whenever I make hummus it’s always all grainy. It tastes okay, but the texture? Not even close.


  7. The weather has been so terrible this summer, that’s so annoying that it messed up your weekend plans but your food looks so good, I can’t wait to stock up on Reese’s when I’m in NYC later this month! x

  8. Im so sorry your plans didn’t work out but when all fails, just think about how gorgeous your brand new car! That would make any girl happy 🙂
    Socca is something I really need to try out! Have the flour all ready to go so I may just make a pizza like yours but with a socca crust 🙂

  9. What a shame about your plans; the rain’s such a pain in the backside anyway but so much more so when it means things have to be cancelled… hope seeing the Torch was good though and that pizza looks fab.
    Also, as I put on Laura’s post, sometime’s it’s bravest to realise you need to change things and do it – and it’s the opposite of being a failure 🙂

  10. I am making my first green smoothie today – I think I have been missing out!

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