WIAW: On the move

Hey guys! I hope all of your weeks are shaping up well.

Well I don’t know about the rest of you in the UK but I am so tired of this horrible weather that we have been having- where has the sunshine gone? I just hate living under these persistent grey clouds every day.

Peas and Crayons

Although having said that I do find every meal brings a little ray if delicious sunshine in to my days, which is what I think is great about WIAW. If you haven’t got on board with WIAW it is a great way to find some weekly food inspiration and all of the blog posts are linked up and shared on Jenn’s blog every Wednesday.

My little contribution for this week’s WIAW comes from Monday again. Unlike most Monday’s this one was quite exciting for Alfie and I as we had booked a series of appointments for house viewings in Oxfordshire. I find moving house so much fun and I love looking around other people’s homes, just because I’m nosey like that I guess.

Before we made the journey to look at our prospective new home I went out on a 3 mile run followed by some abs and core work. Despite the chill in the air it was a really great and comfortable run. I decided not to push myself any further as this distance felt just right.

For breakfast I made a yoghurt mess consisting of two chopped pink lady apples, soy yoghurt and cinnamon with some deliciously smooth peanut butter.


I’m not sure what is wrong with me at the moment but I just cannot seem to get enough of pink ladies right now. I’ve had to buy 2 huge bags within a few days of each other, addicted!

Rather than buying food from a petrol station which I never enjoy I thought ahead and made something for lunch to take with me. Since I still have some of the Warburton’s wholemeal wraps to eat I thought these would make a perfect portable lunch.


I stuffed one with spinach, vegan cheese, cherry tomatoes and red pesto, yum!

Whilst waiting in between house viewings we dropped in to Costa for some drinks. I had an amazing vanilla soya latte. I have been having the occasional coffee recently and they have really grown on me- loving this vanilla soya milk combo!


Turns out house hunting is far more stressful than I thought so during the afternoon I snacked on a much needed 9bar…nutty and blushing pear:


These pears are so lovely and sweet!

By the time I got home I was ready for dinner. It seems whenever I come in after a long day I am straight into the kitchen raiding the fridge and cupboards, hey I love my food what can I say? 😀


For dinner I was craving a mammoth mountain of veggies so a stir fry was just perfect for this. I added butternut squash, mange tout, spring onions, purple sprouting broccoli, baby corn, red peppers, kale and tempeh to the wok with some Mirren, soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame seed oil.


Stir fries are so good for fast veggie packed meals!

Later I had some dessert whilst watching the whole of series 2 of Miranda. I chopped two plums, strawberries and added blueberries to an Alpro caramel dessert, so good!


Check out the colour of the plums, they look like beetroots!

It was so much fun house hunting but very tiring. I’m so glad that I took the time in the morning to pack something to eat and some snacks too. We did see a lovely potential house that we got really excited about, but it’s early days so I won’t go into any more details in this post.

Do you prepare food to take with you when you are going out on day trips or do you prefer to buy food whilst you are out?

Do you enjoy house hunting or looking around other people’s houses in general? I just find the prospect of living somewhere new so exciting!



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33 responses to “WIAW: On the move

  1. Good luck with the house-hunting! I’m not usually organised enough to take food with me but living in London there’s always a Pret or Starbucks that I can pop into for a snack or coffee! I’m loving pink lady apples at the moment too, Tesco are doing two packs for £3 at the moment! x

  2. I love Pink Ladies,too,so I definetely understand your addiction! 😉 Plus,I’m so jealous of that 9 Bar – they’re so good,but they aren’t sold here sadly!
    Good luck on your house-hunting,I hope you’ll find a wonderful place for you to live. 🙂

  3. Good luck with the house hunting. I do like looking around houses, but the whole putting in offers/ exchanging/ packing etc is so stressful!

  4. I am hating the UK weather too. Apparently it is going to stay like this for most of July 😦

    I love house hunting and moving house – it’s so exciting. My husband and I have moved 5 times just in the last 7 years.

  5. Mmm, your breakfast looks so clean and fresh – what brand of PB do you use? The texture of it seems way better than any of the PBs I buy.

    I hope the house hunting goes well and doesn’t prove too stressful!


  6. Bec

    I absolutely love your dessert and your breakfast – I love apples too! 🙂 I usually take food with me, unless I know where we are going and I think I can get a relatively healthy salad or sandwich out.

  7. Oh it must be so exciting to be looking at houses!

  8. I love looking round other people’s homes! Loving the eats x x

  9. I love the WIAW posts too. 🙂 Thanks for the stir fry inspiration. I wouldn’t have thought to add the squash.

  10. House hunting? SOOOOO exciting! I’m looking forward to the day when I finally get to buy my first OWN house 🙂 It’s still a good amount of time until then, but a girl can dream! I love house hunting 🙂

  11. Pinkladies are my #1 favorite apple eat, so sweet and juicy, yumm! And house hunting……i’m struggling with finding a place too! Patience my dear 🙂

  12. The corn in your veggie stir fry is seriously calling my name 🙂 Awesome eats.

  13. OMG I am SO nosy too! I love the idea of snooping in peoples houses. Your breakfast and lunch look delish. I’ve been seeing a lot of people eating yogurt with nut butter and i think it’s time I see what the fuss is about! Mine will be with coconut yogurt (I’m obsessed with it!). Happy WIAW! 🙂

  14. Gwendolyn just adorably cocked her head at my, “wooooooh!” (in reply to your gorgeous photograph of the ‘mammoth mountain of veggies’).

    I love grey skies. I shall trade you our upcoming 100 degree sunny, balmy Saturday for your doom and gloom! Why do I love darkness and cold so much? I do not know! But again, the trade is hereby open! 🙂

    Have a lovely Thursday! :):):)

  15. I pretty much always pack food with me. Being vegan you never know if there are likely to be any options, so I prefer to pack up a portable array of snacks! I love pink ladys!

  16. The stir-fry looks delicious! All the veggies are awesome!

  17. I love a stirfry for dinner – so quick and easy, perfect way to up the daily dose of vegies!

  18. I love those Warbuton wraps, they are so handy and delicious! All your food looks lovely, especially the stirfry!

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