Balance and Yoga

Hi all!  I hope you are all having great weekends! Currently Alfie and I are freaking out over the Murray vs. Federer match at Wimbledon, it’s so exciting to finally see a British player in the final!

We’ve actually not long got back from Church and town, just in time to catch the start of the match.


OOTD: Brown mac: Zara, Bretton stripe jumper: Zara, beige skinny’s: H£M, red pumps: Mimco, gold bow earrings: Forever 21.

Enter food porn…


This was my post run breakfast of Blueberry and Raspberry Wholemeal Pancakes, super fluffy and super delicious!  I will be posting the recipe soon!

I’ve fitted in some pretty great workouts this week:

Monday: 3.5 run followed by abs and core work

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 20 minutes of HITTS on the cross trainer and bike and strength workout A

Thursday: Body Balance

Friday: 20 minutes of HITTS on the cross trainer and bike and strength workout B

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 4 mile run and yoga stretches

I had my midweek rest day earlier than normal as it was necessary after Monday’s house hunting. I’m loving this new happy and healthy approach and actually listening to my body where my workouts are concerned as well as with my eating too.

This week I thought I would try out a new class to fill the void of my beloved Body Pump class being cancelled for the summer holidays. It feels like forever that I have wanted to try out a Bikram yoga class but there is just isn’t a studio closer to me, but they have the Body Balance classes at my gym which I went to on Thursday night. OMG, I adore this class! With a complete mix of Tai chi, Pilates and yoga made it a fantastic opportunity to experience the different style of movements in one class. I’m all ready and set for next week’s class right this minute!

This weekend I have been really getting stuck in to delicious eats, as always!


On Friday night I was already dreaming of overnight oats for breakfast the next day so I made sure to prepare some before going to bed.  I mixed oats, almond milk, desiccated coconut, frozen cherries and vanilla stevia and left them in the fridge to mingle over night.  In the morning I was left with plump and creamy Cherry and Coconut Overnight Oats.  This was heavenly!


My Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie, always good! 


Last nights dinner was amazing!  I made some oven baked Chinese style salmon with coconut and lime brown rice and stir fried baby corn, mange tout, purple sprouting broccoli, edamame beans and red peppers with dried chilli, honey and soy sauce.  Alfie loved this so much that he polished off the whole plate!


Late night snackage: Lindt dark chocolate, a chopped apple and honey roasted peanuts.


I picked up a punnet of these super cute doughnut peaches at the green grocers on Thursday for a bargain 99p!  They are really juicy and sweet and made a perfect snack with some almonds on the side.


Yesterday I ran out of time to make lunch, but luckily there is a big Sainsbury’s near my work place and I popped along and treated myself to a salad bowl.  It was a complete mix of everything: giant cous cous, Mediterranean cous cous, chickpeas with sweet potatoes, a bean salad, salad leaves, sweet peas and edamame beans.  Perhaps not taking lunch with me to work may become a regular thing as this was lovely!

Going to my first Body Balance class has definitely got me craving yoga classes now. Yoga is a regular part of routine anyways but I have never actually been to a yoga class before, usually I just rely on DVDs or podcasts to get my yoga fix. It’s probably because I’m too scared that I might fall flat on my face in front of everyone, but I realised after Thursday night that I can move through most of the moves confidently and actually didn’t look like a complete idiot doing them. I’ve definitely got the craving for yoga classes now!

Have you tried any new fitness classes recently?  Ever been to a Body Balance class?

Are you currently screaming at the TV like a mad woman watching the tennis right now?



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18 responses to “Balance and Yoga

  1. Bec

    Ah, your food looks fabulous. I’m watching the match too at the moment. Definitely wanting Murray to win! So glad he won the first set 🙂 It’s almost 1 in the morning here but I can’t sleep until I see the game haha 🙂 And yes, I am screaming like a mad woman.

  2. I would love to try a body balance class but I think the one at my gym is only on during the day. So glad I have my hot yoga class though! Your cherry breakie looks delicious, yum! I got 10 of those peaches for £1 on Friday, so good!

  3. Yay – Body Balance is a class I’ve been doing for even longer than Body Pump. I originally started doing it to help with my back pain, as I found pilates so dull and the only yoga classes I could find involved a) working in pairs (eeeww) and b) an awful lot of sitting around and ‘meditating’ (i.e going stir-crazy and wanting to spontaneously start doing burpees…) and it’s about the only class of that type that can both challenge me and hold my attention. The music isn’t my taste, but the balance track in particular really helps so much with core strength.

    Lovely, colourful food as always – obviously I approve of the pancakes 😉

    Oh, do not talk to me about the tennis. It has made me so sad 😦 Poor old Murray.

  4. I love those donut peaches, I’ve got two punnets sitting in the fridge. I’ve been enjoying them with wheatabix and yogurt. Yum!
    I’m intrigued by Body Balance, my gym doesn’t offer anything like that sadly but I’m heading down to Brighton next weekend to try my first Bikram class!

  5. I love Body Balance.
    I love the variety of it.
    Unfortunately I now go to a gym that doesn’t have class’s so I am unable to do them unless I have it on video.

  6. You really should go to a yoga class. It make such a difference having someone there to correct your posture. I thought I was doing everything right until I went to a class and now I find I get so much more out of yoga.

    Also, if you want some great videos to do at home, take a look at Rock The Mat:

  7. I love body balance soo much. I am just not a pump girl. Walks/jogs, swimming, bike rides, yoga and body balance are my faves.. At work I do 30 min classes and hits which are more intensive! Keep up the body balance it’s so good for you

  8. The pancakes look wonderful! Looking forward to the recipe.
    I listened to my body yesterday, and even though I really wanted to workout, after I had done the food shopping and cleaned the entire flat from top to bottom (including 2 bathrooms) I just felt too tired, and knew that I wouldn’t get the most out of it. So I slobbed out on the sofa and watched Come Dine With Me 🙂

  9. I’ve always wanted to try yoga but I’ve just never got round to it. Classes are difficult because they always need you to start at the beginning and I’ve usually missed the first one. Are podcasts good?
    P.S that salad looks lush!

  10. I’ve never tried Body Balance even though they have it at my gym but I am told its a great class, I couldn’t live without my Bikram classes I love it so much which is one if the reasons I wanted to carry on working in Brighton. I need an excuse to go there!!!!! x

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