AXA PPP healthcare – Keep on moving

Happy Monday friends- I hope you are all having a good one!

AXA PPP healthcare are sponsoring this summers amazing Race For Life events and want to help motivate people to continue to exercise even in the colder months and generally when outdoor activities are out of bounds. 

I’m excited to announce that I will also taking part in AXA PPP healthcare’s drive to keep you all moving by writing a series of guest posts for the AXA PPP blog.


So watch out for my blog post series on motivation and exercise on the AXA PPP blog. My first post is all about fuelling correctly for your workouts and is on the blog now so check it out!

It can be so difficult to get out there and keep on moving when it is freezing cold outside and to keep your exercise goals in sight.  There are times when we all need that little bit of extra help to keep us motivated and AXA PPP health care have a whole load of fun things ahead as a source of inspiration, which involve:

  • A Twitter competition will take place for your chance to win some Nike+ running products from  to keep you all motivated!  Don’t miss out on your chance to win some Nike+ workout products!  To enter all you have to do is tweet @AXAPPPhealth with the hash tag #axakeepmoving from Tuesday the 17th to Thursday the 19th of July
    explaining what motivates you to keep on moving. 
  • There will be an expert live chat on the impact of running on the AXA PPP website from 2-4pm on Friday the 27th of July.  The chat will focus on the effects running has on mood and well-being and recovering from an injury.   This will be held in the presence of AXA Health Services, sports and exercise science expert John Crudgington who will be able to answer all of your running related questions.  You can also take part by leaving questions through Facebook or Twitter.

Do you struggle to motivate yourself to workout when the sunshine has gone?  What inspires you to get out there to exercise even when you don’t feel like it?

***This post was sponsored by AXA PPP healthcare***



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6 responses to “AXA PPP healthcare – Keep on moving

  1. It’s lack of daylight that’s my biggest problem; I’m quite happy to cycle or ride before and after work in summer but trying to get the motivation to in the dark, in winter, is such a mission! Having said that, I do more workout DVDs after work in the winter because they curtains are closed – my living room window is right on the street and I hate the thought of people being able to see me doing my Jillian or whatever!

  2. Oh and I meant to say, congratulations on being asked to do the guest posts 🙂

  3. The weather doesn’t really bother me too much, rain or shine, once I am out there I find it doesn’t matter. I guess knowing that I will feel amazing after I finish my workout, and knowing how exercise affects my mood always inspires me to get my workouts in.

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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