Summer to me…

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the start of your weekends!

How amazing has the weather been in the UK this week, eh?!?  I’ve been loving the sunshine and it got me thinking what makes summer so awesome to me, which I thought I would summarise in a photo collage:

summer to me_AutoCollage_15_Images

1. Summer carnivals and lots of music

2. Music festivals

3. Beautiful bright flowers

4. Summer berries and fruit smoothies

5. Pretty summer dresses

6. Fresh strawberries and Greek yoghurt

7. Ice-cream, fro-yo and sorbets

8.  Blue skies and sunshine

9. Bare legs

10. Maxi dresses and nautical stripes

11. Colourful salad beasts

12. Protein berry icecream

13.  Green smoothies

14. Over night oats

15.  Gladiator sandals

Without all of these things, it just wouldn’t be summer to me.  What things or foods make summer for you?



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10 responses to “Summer to me…

  1. I love you in the striped dress and gladiator sandals – so summery! SALADS are definitely my number one summer food, im always looking for warm salad combinations in the winter, i just love them so much!

  2. Sunshine, late nights on the porch, long walks around the park, sweaty bangs that drive me absolutely crazy, and ice cream!

  3. I love your striped maxi!

    For me Summer is iced coffee in the garden, lazy evenings and so much fruit.

  4. runningcupcake

    I love summer! The weather is just so fab. I think summer is when you wake up, and it is warm outside, and you know later it is going to be hot hot hot. Plus ice cream by the seaside 🙂

  5. We’ve had no sunshine in North Wales! Booo!

  6. Hopefully it makes it’s way to you soon!

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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