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Wedding invite HQ

…or should that be wedding invite madness?!






We have been extremely busy and getting crafty in order to get our wedding invitations posted out tomorrow.  Ribbon, adhesive stickers, printing envelopes, ticking people off our guest list pretty much sums up our weekend.

Despite all of the hard work that was involved we are very pleased with the end results.  We are totally in love with our invitations and they are definitely the epitome of vintage glamour. We ordered them from Strawberry Sorbet and not only do they make beautiful letterpress invitations but their customer service is impeccable too.

Of course there was lots of delicious food consumed whilst sealing lots of envelopes, and by the way why does the gum paste on envelopes taste so gross, yuck!


Tomato, spinach, onion and cheese omelet with a toasted wholemeal bagel with vegan spread.


Rice cakes topped with Justin’s peanut butter with honey.


Super refreshing honey dew melon slices and green tea for a light breakfast.


Salad beast of romaine lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, butternut squash, cucumber, celery and a green pesto dressing.


Using my boyfriend’s words, today’s breakfast was an epic kind of beautiful!  A vanilla and cinnamon wholemeal pancake topped with super sweet strawberries, blueberries and a raw chocolate sauce.


Steamed broccoli with ordered in aromatic tofu and tao woo tord tofu (I don’t know what it means but it tasted darn good!)


Barabara’s Bakery vanilla snack animals.

Surprisingly I haven’t had a smoothies this weekend, shock horror!  I think it was down to being lazy and not wanting to clean out the blender.  After all of the work that the invitations have involved I did everything that I could to keep the washing up as minimal as possible.

I just had some of the leftover tofu for dinner with more steamed veggies, yum!  Now I think I can hear my Raw Chocolate and Salted Caramel Hearts calling me from  the freezer.

What have you been up to this weekend? Are you into arts and crafts? Do you like to do a lot of DIY craft projects?


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Operation Wedding: Vintage Inspiration by Amadoloves

Hello, we are Amado and we write the wedding blog amadoloves. We are always on the lookout for hot new wedding trends and all those special touches that make your day unforgettable. When the lovely Jemma said she was creating a romantic vintage feel for her big day, we were delighted when she asked us to write a post all about vintage chic.


Adding vintage details to your wedding doesn’t need to cost a fortune and we have found some great items that won’t break the bank…

© Gorgeous tags in pastel hues to adorn classic soda bottles and dainty tea cups from Vintage Twee.

© Dainty confetti cones are perfect for your guests to pick up as they leave the ceremony to shower you as you emerge as Mr and Mrs. Fill them with petal confetti from Shropshire petals for a natural way to celebrate.

© Mmmm! We love cake and a great way to achieve the vintage tea party theme for your big day is with a cake stall style display. Classic cakes such as lemon drizzle and Victoria sponge are perfect for this. Follow the lead of A Little Piece of Cupcake and dress cakes with beautiful ribbons and let your guests indulge!

© If you feel that you might need a little extra help creating a vintage wonderland, then fear not! Hallidays Vintage offer an array of vintage goodies for you to choose from ranging from sugar bowls to cake stands. Based in Birmingham and able to deliver all over the UK and their charming china is available to hire as are their venue styling skills! For those of you in the south, check out Victorian Tea Party The English Tea Party and Teaspoon Events for china hire, bunting and cake stands.

We hope this helps inspire you for your big day!

Ayesha and Laura xx


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WIAW: All about the bridesmaids

I just want to say a gynormous thank you for all of your lovely comment on My First Vlog!  It seems many of you seem to like my very British accent, ha!  I had never realised that it was so prominent until watching the vlog back.  I never really thought I sounded like that.  I will definitely be doing more vlogs in the future.

Peas and Crayons

Ahhh so it is that time of the week again!  I love WIAW as not only is it full of delicious food but it also marks the middle of the week and the weekend is that little bit closer.

For this weeks WIAW I want to rewind to Mondays goings on because it was a fabulous day!

I woke up bright and early and headed to the gym to do my usual upper body strength routine and 20 minutes of cardio on the bike and cross trainer.  I added some inner leg exercises to my routine too.

After getting ready I made a yummy breakfast of Sharpham Parks spelt berry puffs with a chopped pair, half a banana and raspberries topped with soy yoghurt and with a drop of hazelnut milk.


Alfie was working some locum shifts this weekend which meant that he couldn’t come home, but he had Monday off. We decided to make a day of it and go to Bicester Village to have a look for some wedding shoes for Alfie.

Since I was going out for the day and the sun was shining I thought I would make some sort of an effort…


OOTD: vest top, H&M, dress, Mango, favourite wedges, Sole, bag, Mulberry.

It was getting some sun on my legs for a change! Open-mouthed smile

Alfred (I call him by his full name when I am mad at him!) was typically late for our 1pm meet at the train station so I decided to walk to Bicester Village and wait for him there. 


The anger soon subsided though when I got my hands on this superfood salad from Pret.  It was so good!


I also grabbed my first Vanilla Frappachino from Starbucks as well.  Oh it as amazing!  I think I could make these a regular thing in this heat.  I loved it!

Alfie finally turned up, apparently he had some trouble with his connecting train as there was some delay- all was forgiven!  He assures me that he won’t be late on our wedding day!

We had a great time shopping and even found Alfie’s shoes.  They are proper men’s shoes if you know what I mean, hand made and will last for ever.  They do come with a price tag and Alfie was unsure about whether to get them there and then.

I actually felt quite emotional at this point as I have my dress for the wedding and some beautiful Jimmy Choos.  I know we will have our memories and pictures from the wedding but I also think it is nice to have something materialistic to remember the day by.  Alfie is hiring his suit and so won’t really have anything else, like I have my dress etc.   He treats everyone else but never himself.  So he definitely getting those shoes as he deserves them!

We also spotted a Coast outlet store whilst we were there, which is where my bridesmaid dresses are from.  The dresses are from this seasons collection so I didn’t expect to find them in there, but low and behold they were! 

We only managed to get one of the dresses though as they were out of my other bridesmaids sizes.  However, we did pick up there shoes to go with the dresses.  They are beautiful and a total bargain.  I think I will save the pics for another post.

During all of that I snacked on the 2 apples that I bought along with me.  We also had a lovely meal at one of the restaurants:


We shared a salmon platter which was made up of lots of salmon cooked in different ways.  We also had some rye bread, a side salad, fries and mixed roasted veg too.

Obviously there is always room for dessert…


Apple tart tatin with vanilla ice cream for me


Lemon tart with creme fraiche for Alfie

Both deserts tasted amazing!

So although we didn’t get Alfie’s shoes like we had set out too we did make some wedding progress with the bridesmaid outfits.  We are going to be in the Bicester area next week so we are going to stop by and get Alfie’s shoes then.  I am just praying that they still have his size!

Do you like to have keepsakes or something materialistic to remember a special day by or are you just happy with the memories?

I am quite happy with just the memories on most occasions, but I think sometimes it is also nice to have something to touch to remember a day by.

What is the best thing that you have eaten today?


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Operation Wedding: shoes glorious shoes!

Since I got my wedding dress at the end of March I have been obsessing about shoes, veil or not to veil, vintage hair combs, headbands, jewelry, basically what to wear with my beautiful dress. I have to admit this is so hard to do since I haven’t actually seen the dress for 5 weeks and won’t be seeing it again till the end of the summer when it comes in to the shop.

Of course being a bit of a shoe fanatic I have been trawling the internet looking for visions of ivory, lace and satin. I know for sure that I definitely don’t want traditional bridal shoes as they really are not for me. Even if I got them dyed after the wedding I don’t think I would wear them again.

With that in mind I have been looking at alternative shoes to wear with my dress and ones that I can wear again. So whilst in Selfridges these little lovelies caught my eye…


Jimmy Choo’s in Champagne Lace…gorgeous!

I think I tried on about 4 different styles, but these ones made the cut:


Isabel- The sensible option


Lace- The Mary Jane’s


Nova- The sling backs

I am absolutely in love with these shoes and I only intend to get married once so I thought I might as well spoil myself. Sadly I didn’t actually get a pair on Wednesday. It was so hard to walk away, but I am totally confused by which ones style to go for and I don’t want to just jump in without fully doing my research- there may be something else out there.

I have also been lusting after these…


Swan Embellished Satin Pump by Manolo Blanik….ahhh a girl can dream!

I  just love these statement Della Sky Blossom bridal shoes by Freya Rose.

Check out the Mother of Pearl on the heels…amazing!

The only problem I have with both of these shoes is that although they are both stunning they are both still very traditionally bridal and I wouldn’t necessarily wear them again.  The Manolo’s are way out of my price range and the Freya Rose shoes are in the same price bracket as the Jimmy shoes, which I know I would wear again and again.


The budget buster in me did spot these shoes in Dune which are exact replicas of the Jimmy Choo Champagne range for a third of the price.  However after reading a whole load of wedding blogs right now the best advice that I have read is to spoil yourself as it is your wedding day after all.

So with that advice in mind I am going to get myself a pair of beautiful Choo’s next week, but which ones? 


You will have to wait and see!


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Operation Wedding: new makeup buys

Happy Friday folks!  I hope you have all had a great week. 

I’ve spent all of mine working with an extra shift thrown in too and a cold, so I have been a little more tired than usual.  However I did make sure that I took some time out for myself in my day off on Wednesday and headed to the big smoke, to Birmingham.

I was supposed to be heading to the Jewelry Quarter to check out some wedding rings, but being a complete idiot where directions are concerned I just gave up and got heavily distracted in Selfridges.

Cue the shoe porn…


More on these is a post coming up next week!

Another thing that I have been thinking about is my wedding makeup.  I am definitely going to do it myself as not only is it going to save money but  I know my own face and what suits it. 

Ok, so I am not a makeup expert or anything but I would worry that if I got a makeup artist to do it for me I would be more stressed just incase they did it wrong and I didn’t look like me.  Basically,  I don’t want to walk down the aisle with Alfie to turn around and say “who the hell are you!”

My everyday makeup is very minimal as I like the natural look an I think I want to follow through with a similar thing with my bridal make up, but with a defined eye.

After drooling over the shoes I looked around the shops to look for some new make up to try out.    I even went over to the Benefit counter and had my make up down too.  The makeup artist was also a bride to be so we were chatting for ages.


I love what she did with my face, although I think she got a bit heavy handed with my eyebrows.  As I have started to think about my makeup now I have plenty of time to play around with different looks and makeup brands. 

Foundation wise I usually use MAC studio fix which gives a light coverage, but I was looking for something a little different for a change. So at the Benefit counter I was really impressed with all of the products the makeup artist used, but if I had bought everything I would have spent in excess of £200. Instead I picked the new Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation (£24.50) that the lady used in Hazelnut.


This gives a light to medium coverage and is so lovely and very natural looking. It may be a dead cert for my bridal make up.

She also used on my face: Porefessional and That Gal primers, blusher in Dallas, powder in Hello Flawless Hazelnut, Whats Up? highlighter, Brow Zing in dark, They’re Real mascara.

I will be definitely going back for the eyebrow pencil, blusher as I love the colour and the primer if I cannot find a cheaper alternative.


I have so much love for MAC and their wide colour palette, which is why I always go to them for my foundation and concealers. Unfortunately the drug store brands tend not to stock concealer or foundation colours in my skin tones, they are either too dark or too light.  Hence, make is always my favourite brand for these items. I think investing in a good base is very important for building up your makeup and this mineral concealer (£16.00) gives such great coverage for blemishes, scars and dark circles.

On to the drug store brands

In the past I admit that I have been a bit of  makeup brand snob and have always gone high end.  However, since being addicted to YouTube and make up tutorials, particularly Anna Saccone (love this girl!) I have seen that drug store brands are pretty amazing and give great results.

So I headed to Boots to check out their make up:


In the end I took advantage of the buy 1 get 1 half price offer currently on the Maybelline products and got a Dream Touch blusher and an Eyestudio Lasting Drama gel eye liner which comes with a brush.  I picked up both products for about £11.


I have been really surprised with the quality of these.  The blusher is perhaps too pinky and bright for the look I want to create for my bridal makeup, but it creates a beautiful shimmery glow, perfect for spring.  The gel liner is very impressive, easy to apply and it doesn’t budge!


Overall I am very impressed with all of these make up buys.  I am definitely liking mixing premium make up brands with good drug store brands as I think you then get the best of both worlds and it doesn’t get too taxing on your purse.

Now I am in the market for new makeup brushes.  I have heard that Sedona Lace, Sigma and MAC are all good, but brushes are such a mind field for me. 

I also want a new mascara, which gives great volume and length.  Right now I am using Dior Show, but would love a cheaper alternative.  Apparently Cover Girl Lash Blast is just as good but I don’t think it is available in the UK! Sad smile

So loves I need your advice on makeup brushes and mascara and I’m very open to trying different options…

Which brushes do you recommend?  Do you have any favourite mascaras?

Do you like to mix premium and drug store makeup? What are your favourite products?

I have actually really enjoyed writing this post so perhaps as my confidence grows I will do more beauty posts and maybe, dare I say it, vlogs!

Have a great weekend guys!


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