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Quality time

Hey guys! I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends and the sunshine. Did anyone see the Olympic opening ceremony- Danny Boyle is a genius.

This weeks workouts:

Monday: REST

Tuesday: Variation of strength workout A 20 minutes of gentle cardio on the cross machine and bike

Wednesday: Jillian Micheal’s Yoga Meltdown Level 1

Thurday: Body balance

Friday: extended version of strength workout B and minutes of gentle cardio on the cross machine and bike

Saturday: 3 mile run and yoga stretches including sun salutations, pigeon pose and the plough.

Sunday: REST

I’ve really enjoyed this weeks workouts.  Yesterday’s run was lovely in the morning sunshine and body balance was wonderful as always.  The Jillian Micheal’s Yoga Meltdown Level 1 was intense, I was so worn out afterwards!

Well, I’ve had a fab couple of days. I had yesterday off work, so Alfie and me decided to make the most of the sunshine and spend some quality time together. It feels like forever ago that we spent some time together properly as are working schedules are different most of the time and he works away during the week.

We decided to take off to Stratford-upon- Avon (Shakespeare’s birthplace, for anyone interested!) and have a little picnic and enjoy the sun. I thought I would go bear legged with my favourite pair of shorts:


OTTD: blue floral top: Newlook, utility shorts: Warehouse, sandals: Evisu, hear vintage earrings: Forever 21, pink bow necklace: Forever 21.

Before heading out I made a lovely breakfast of basic green smoothie made using ice, hazelnut milk, kale and a banana with cherries and a chopped pink lady apple on the side with some white chocolate wonderful for dipping.


I love simple breakfasts like this, the hazelnut milk made the smoothie extra creamy too, yum!

Picnic munchies:


A wholemeal bagel stuffed with loads of hummus, watercress, and cherry tomatoes- definitely a fab combination!


I also had some Thai sweet chilli crisps on the side, which was a bit different from my normal foods, but they tasted oh so good!


Chopped strawberries, doughnut peaches and blueberries made a really great picnic dessert.

We sunbathed by the river for a while before taking a walk around the town:





Stratford really is a beautiful town full of so many interesting and historical buildings. I love cultural towns like this and it was just seeping out of every crevice here.

During are little exploration we found a quaint little chocolatier that also sold organic farm fresh ice cream, so of course we couldn’t resist and both had some.


I had a scoop of the honey comb and a scoop of the lemon meringue ice creams. This the most creamiest ice cream EVER, my favourite being the lemon meringue. It reminded me of lemon sherbets that I used to eat a lot when I was younger.

Dinner last night was equally as good:


Baked salmon with garlic, red chilli, ginger, lime juice, mirin, soy sauce with stir fried veggies in a char sui sauce, delish! I baked the salmon in a make-shift foil bag so it would steam and take on the flavours of the ingredients and boy it did!

To finish our day we chilled out on the sofa and watched a movie and of course snacks are mandatory where movies are concerned:


Said snack- grapes, dried mulberries and raw chocolate covered goji berries.

Other food highlights from this weekend include:


Overnight oats in almond milk with blueberries, banana, honey, cinnamon and almond butter.


Salad beast of watercress, salad leaves, avocado, courgette, red pepper and chick peas.

It has been so great spending some quality time with my hubby to be.  I guess be busy all of the time with our own stuff makes the time we spend to together that extra special. 

How do you like to spend quality time with your loved ones?

Do you find that absence makes the heart grow fonder?



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WIAW: Drenched!

Hi all!  Smile I hope you are all having a great week so far!

Now I could easily be talking about the weather with the title for this post as I know I keep going on about how crappy the weather has been in the UK recently.  It was raining buckets yesterday!

-Alas!  What I am actually referring to is my conscious effort this week to drink more water.  I’m a big water drinker anyway, but I noticed last week that I haven’t been drinking as much as I should and I think that was down to the miserable weather- when the sun is shining I swim in the stuff!  Rather than lots of water I have been substituting it with lots of herbal tea, which I know still contains water but it’s no the same as the pure stuff, to me anyways.

Peas and Crayons

For this weeks WIAW I‘m going to share my eats and goings on from Tuesday as on Monday I was busy running around John Lewis scanning lots of amazing items for our wedding gift list and forgot to take pictures of my meals.

My morning started off really early, dropping Alfie at the train station at 5.30 am so he could make his way back to work.  Once I got home I made a cup of chai tea, ate an apple and pottered about the house and waited for the gym to open.

Once the gym opened it’s doors I did my upper body strength workout with some new moves included and I increased the weights too.  I also did 20 minutes of HIITS on the cross trainer and bike and some ab work.

My stomach was rumbling when I got home, so after a quick shower I made a basic green smoothie out of a banana, soya milk, vanilla stevia and kale and had it with one of my Cherry and Oat Breakfast Muffins, recipe to come!


You can’t beat a classic green smoothie and the muffin was so yummy!

I didn’t really need my usual mid-morning snack as by the time I had finished breakfast it was 9 am!!!  So for lunch I was craving a mega salad, nothing new there then!


It included lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, grated carrots and vegan cheese.  I made my current favourite dressing of honey, mustard, lime juice, a pinch of salt, apple cider vinegar and mixed herbs to go on top. 


Lunch was good!

Later in the afternoon I snacked on a bowl of chopped doughnut peaches topped with soy yoghurt, almonds and some Caramel Apple Puppy Chow made by the lovely Sarah, its so good! 


It was a pretty standard day to be honest, but a very productive one as far as editing my thesis goes.  By dinner time though I’d had enough so decided to call it a day and cook dinner instead.


Dinner was a basic socca wrap stuffed with lots of peanut butter with a side of stir fried broccoli, red peppers, more kale and mushrooms with some tempeh in soy sauce, mirin, sesame seed oil and lime juice.  I love simple dinners like this, it really hit the spot.

Later on I was still feeling peckish and I always make time for dessert- it’s a must!


I’ve been craving ice cream for a while now and decided to treat myself to some non-dairy vanilla ice cream last week.  Chopped apples, strawberries, non-dairy vanilla ice cream dusted with cinnamon and a fig biscuit which came in Sarah’s awesome package, was a very tasty dessert. 

A few extra scoops of ice cream and Caramel Apple Puppy Chow may have made it’s way passed my lips at some put later that evening too. Open-mouthed smile

When I’m at home I always have a 2 litre bottle of filtered water in the fridge which I take out when I set up my “office” on the dining table to start work.  I pour it in to a glass as and when I need it and make sure that I drink the whole 2 litre bottle.  So with all that water and the amount of herbal tea I drink normally I think it’s easy to say that I’m well hydrated.  It’s been difficult to drink so much pure water with the weather being so grey and I have preferred my tea, especially last week, but I am definitely back to my normal water drinking levels now.

****Don’t forget to enter my Total Greek Yoghurt giveaway to win a months supply of yoghurt!***

Do you make a conscious effort to drink more water?

Do you find that you find it easier to drink more water in the summer months or does the weather not bother you?


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Rained off!

My July hasn’t really started off with the “BANG” that I was expecting.  I was looking forward to running my Race for Life today and going to the Godiva Festival.  I received an email on Friday afternoon saying that it has been postponed because of the heavy rain that we had on Thursday and the Godiva festival was also cancelled.

I was really disappointed to say the least as that was all of my plans for Sunday ruined.  However to make up for it Alfie has just taken me out for a lovely meal at our favourite restaurant The Saxon Mill and we are off to see the Olympic torch later.


Lunch date OOTD: vest top: H&M, t-shirt: H&M, skinny jeans: Diesel, gladiator sandals: Office, scarf: H&M, bracelets: various.

To perk me up after my ruined weekend I ate lots of delicious food.  I kicked started my weekend with a delicious strawberry and peanut butter green smoothie in a bowl on Saturday morning.


This included fresh strawberries, a banana, smooth peanut butter, strawberry Fit Shake hemp protein powder, spinach, ice and almond milk.  I topped it with some dark chocolate covered seeds and some goji berries.  I loved this!

By lunch time I was craving a plate full of veggies so in comes another salad mountain:


The said mountain consisted of purple lettuce leaves, grated carrots, sweet corn, tomatoes, pepper and green beans and I topped it with a huge serving of Sabra hummus.  I still have know idea how they make their hummus so creamy smooth as my homemade hummus is never anything close to it- a totally mystery!

In the afternoon I snacked on a lovely selection of grapes, prunes and cherries:


The perfect afternoon pick me up!

There so many pizza posts on blogs this weekend that I knew that I had to have one for my Saturday night dinner.  Last week I picked up some of the Warbuton’s wholemeal square wraps.  I am so happy that they finally bought out a wholemeal version so I can actually eat them.   They taste amazing and make perfect pizza bases as you will see…


This pizza was epic!  I had roasted off some aubergine, onions and mushrooms in with some salt and rapeseed oil.  Once they were cooked I added a shop bought tomato sauce to the wrap, topped with the veggies plus some spinach and baked it for a further 5 minutes.   Then I grated on some vegan cheese for Tesco’s that I had seen on Laura’s and Jess’s blogs and dived right in.


The cheese was a great surprise as I was worried that it was going to be like plastic, but is really is wonderful and melts so well.

Later I went on a snack frenzy with chopped pink lady apples, salted pretzels and dark chocolate peanut butter cups and watched a movie.


Amazingly good!

This morning I had another lovely breakfast of cinnamon socca topped with almond butter, strawberries, a banana, soy yoghurt and honey.


Needless to say this was crazy good!

My workouts have been pretty great this week too:

Monday: Strength workout A and 20 minutes of HIITS on the bike and cross trainer

Tuesday: 4.5 mile run

Wednesday:  Strength workout B and a 3 mile run outdoors

Thursday: REST

Friday: my new all over body workout which I will share soon

Saturday: REST

Sunday: yoga podcasts

I decided to scrap my run today as I just didn’t feel like it.  Like I said in my last post I am all about being kind to my body and wanting to do the best for my body, despite what people may think.  Shorter workouts that I enjoy are far more better for me right now rather than spending hours on end in the gym like before.  The yoga session over the run was definitely the best decision for me today. 

I can so relate to Laura’s post right now as I am very much in the same place where reducing my wotkouts are concerned and just wanting to be happy and healthy.  And, Laura lovely we are not failures or copping out, we are doing right by ourselves for wanting better, happier and healthier lives!  Red heart

Even though my plans went all wrong for the weekend because of the weather we still managed to have  a great time.  My Race for Life has been shifted to a few weeks time so I can still take part.  I cannot wait to see the Olympic torch later, it should be fun!

How do you deal with ruined plans?  Have your alternative plans ever been better than your original plans?

What did you get up to this weekend?


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WIAW: Butterflies

I know I have been saying this for months but the time to put my thesis to bed is very near.  I have been working flat out all week to get the final editing finished, which has meant long hours and late nights.  I’m going to send this draft to my supervisor at the end of the week then he will  suggest some revisions (or not hoperfully!).  Then my co-supervisor will have a look at it and cast his thoughts and may want to make some changes.  And after all that going backwards and forwards I can finally submit my thesis and get on with my life (thesis defence pending) !

Getting on with my life more than anything gives me butterflies in my stomach.  I have so much going on right now relocating, finishing my PhD, my job, future career plans and not to mention my wedding.  Practically the beginnings of a whole new life and I am more than excited for it all to begin…eeeek!

Peas and Crayons

Anyways lets get on to the food for this week’s WIAW, Monday’s in fact:

It was an early start as per usual on Monday and I did my usual upper body strength workout with 20 minutes of HITTs on the cross trainer and bike, such a great workout.

After getting ready and setting up my “desk” at the dining table I made a swampy looking green smoothie for breakfast.


It included kale, a banana, Fit Shake strawberry hemp protein powder, almond milk, acai berry juice, and Welches grape juice.  Despite the unappetizing colour because of the kale this was actually a really delicious smoothie.  I topped it with coconut and goji berries.

I worked right up to lunch non-stop but took a break to have something to eat…


Homemade hummus sprinkled with smoked paprika, raddishes, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, Thai sweet chilli baked tortilla chips and some crackers.  I was in a snacky kind of mood so this worked perfectly.

Later in the day I decided to make a dent in the Greek yoghurt haul that I have been sent to review.  I added a Total Greek yoghurt and raspberry and pomegranate split pot to some cherries with a nice mug of earl grey tea on the side.


For dinner I wanted something quick and easy so I could get back to my work.  I had a rummage in the freezer and found a Linda McCartney vegetarian burger.  A salad of little gem lettuce, peppers, avocado and sweet corn and a sweet potato topped with vegan butter made for a lovely meal.  Oooh…and the ketchup of course, can’t forget the ketchup, yum!


Later on I wanted something sweet so I cut a slice of my Chocolate and Peanut Butter Brownie Cake that I made at the weekend, recipe coming soon!


…with more cherries of course.  I think I have a problem where cherries are concerned at the moment!

Quite a tasty and balanced day of eats me thinks! What is the tastiest thing that you have eaten to day?

What last thought/event gave you butterflies?

All of the above for me. plus I was doing my makeup the morning and my mind drifted off (as it often does!) to my wedding day morning of me doing my own makeup.  I had butterflies of the excited variety!


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Sunday Catch Up: stocking up

Hi everyone!  I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends.

Thank you for all of your very helpful comments on my last post about mascaras and makeup brushes.  I will be definitely checking them all out in the next 6 months leading up to the big day. Open-mouthed smile

So this week I have been getting over a cold, but have really been trying to make an effort with my food.  Usually when I am ill I just cannot be bothered, but I think the thought of eating delicious food has really helped me along this week.

There has been so much deliciousness that I have picked my favourites and shared them all below:


Carrot and Lentil Soup with raw crackers


Chopped pineapple, grapes, hemp milk with berry spelt puffs for  breakfast


My Carrot Cake Bulgar Wheat Batter.  I have a recipe for Carrot Cake Oats somewhere  which I nased this recipe on but cannot seem to find the link. It included cooked bulgar wheat, hemp milk, water, a grated carrot, cinnamon, desiccated coconut, raisins, walnuts and maple syrup…yum!


Inspired by Laura, salted pretzels with a chopped apple, strawberries and white chocolate wonderful.


Baked aubergine, courgettes, mushrooms and a sweet potato in a passata sauce and grated vegan cheese.


A basic green smoothie made using a banana, spinach, hemp milk and water with some muesli.


A layered salad ate at my desk: mixed salad leaves, kidney beans, bulgar wheat, tomatoes, cucumber and pineapple.  So fresh and tasty!


A toasted hot cross bun with vegan butter and jam with a chopped apple and strawberries.


Vegan cinnamon and nutmeg dark chocolate with the new Tin Tin movie and a manicure for a bit of a mid week pampering session.  And don’t knock Tin Tin, the kid in me loved it! Open-mouthed smile

This week I took an extra rest day at the begging of the week and have been taking it pretty easy with my usual workouts.  I am feeling 100% better though so it will back to normal next week and hitting the gym hard.  I cannot wait!  I did go on a lovely run this morning at it was really lovely out even though a tad cold.


On another note, I picked up these amazing milks in Asda all for a pound.  I have almost finished my hemp milk stash that I picked up at Tescos when it was on offer.  I really love to bulk buy when things on offer, usually in excess.  I find it works as a it of a money saver in the long run and these milks are really lovely.

Alfie even bulk bought some Tempeh for me yesterday from the health food shop whilst I was at work.  I cannot wait to get marinating and baking it!

Well I’m off to enjoy some vegetarian enchilada cooked my my lovely hubby to be, watch a movie and then take a leaf out of Laura’s book and have a bit of a pampering session with this lot to see out the week:


Liz Earle face exfoliator, Liz Earle face mask, Lush Coco Lotion and L’Occitane en Provence peony shower gel.

What have you been up to this weekend?

Do you like to bulk buy food when it is on offer?

Have you watched the Tin Tin movie?


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