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What happened to July?  The month just zoomed by,and what a great month it was!

It was so nice spending a bit of girly time with my mum.  We found her a really lovely dress to wear to the wedding which she looks fab in!  I also managed to pick up some treats for myself and Alfie, so it wasn’t a bad shopping trip all round!


We also sorted out our wedding gift list at the beginning of the month, so exciting!

Spending lots of quality time with my hubby to be was definitely a highlight of last month. We enjoyed the sunshine in Stratford-upon-Avon and also had the most delicious meal at our wedding reception venue. Since we both lead such busy lives it was really nice to spend some special tome together.


Last month also saw my first AXA PPP healthcare guest post series go live.  The series concentrates on finding the motivation to exercise, which on some days I can relate to oh too well.


The strawberries that my Nan gave me a few months ago seemed to have a growth spurt as they are producing juicy and delicious fruits in abundance last month.  My tomato plants are also doing so much better. It really is satisfying being able to go into your garden and pick your own.


I also shared some amazing recipes:


Raw Chocolate and Salted Caramel Hearts, Cherry and Oat Breakfast Muffins, Herbed Seitan Roll, Cherry Almond and Chocolate Protein Pudding, Blueberry and Raspberry Wholemeal Pancakes.

I also posted a vlog on making work wear affordable and my review on some E.L.F Cosmetics that I received.

Over the past few months I have come to many realisations about my perspectives on my eating and fitness which I documented in a post.  I am definitely more relaxed where these things are concerned now and really content on just concentrating on being happy and healthy.

Since my body pump classes have been postponed over the summer vacation I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try a new class.  I’ve been trying to try a yoga class for ages so decided to pop along to a body balance class.  Holy moly, this class is amazing! I am so in love with it and it has motivated me to up my yoga practice big time over the past few weeks.

Wow, what a month! You can watch my favourite things from July here.

My aims for August include:

  • Post my wedding invitations
  • Become a crafting DIY wedding Queen
  • Submit my thesis…eek!
  • Book my hen doo
  • Continue being happy and healthy
  • Redesign my blog
  • Enjoy life!

Most of these aims are wedding related but with only 3 months to the day (wowzers!) it is pretty much wedding HQ at my house at the moment.  Obviously, another major thing is handing in my thesis…so much going on but it is all so exciting!

August looks like it is going to be one amazing month and it’s already getting off to a great start, one for a reason which I don’t want to announce right now as a might jinx it and because my wedding invites are being delivered today!  

This month I want to give a big shout out to my blog sponsors for being so amazing, so please go and check them out and take advantage of my discount codes. 


Also, I would like to say a big welcome back to Munchy Seeds who are sponsoring the blog again.  There is a giveaway coming your way from Munchy Seeds later this month so watch out for that.

How was July for you?  Did you make any goals and did you achieve them?

What’s on the cards for August?



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Sharpham Park Review and GIVEAWAY!

Two weeks ago I was contacted my Sharpham Park and asked of I would like to review their new Spelt Bran Flakes with Berries cereal. IMG_2648[1]

I have reviewed some of Sharpham Park’s products before which you can read here.  From past experience I knew that their products are of the highest quality so was very happy to be contacted again to try out their new bran flakes.

Since you guys were so amazing and liked my last vlog I thought I would record another installment for you, for this review. 


Slightly better than mu last one me thinks, if a little choppy at times! Winking smile

I’ve really been enjoying this cereal and have been eating them not stop.  They are great with the addition of chopped fresh fruit and with nut milks.


To grab yourself a box of Spelt Bran Flakes with Berries to enter:

  • leave a comment on this post telling me how are you celebrating the Jubilee

  • follow and tweet about this giveaway ensuring that @celery_cupcakes is in the tweet!

  • like Celery and Cupcakes on Facebook

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  • link back to this giveaway in a blog post

Each action counts as one entry so please make sure that you remember to leave a separate comment for each giveaway entry.  This is because I only count the number of comments made on the giveaway as an equivalent to the number of entries- I would hate to miss any!

This giveaway is only open to UK readers (sorry my international friends!) and ends on Tuesday 12th June at midnight with the winner to be announced the next day.

If you would like to become a blog sponsor and advertise your blog or business on Celery and Cupcakes then please visit my sponsorship page or you can email me at celeryandcupcakes@gmail.com for more details.

Good Luck!


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iHerb Product Review

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to review some products of my choice from one of my blog sponsors iHerb.  I am a total fan of this website as it open up so many different food choices to people in the UK,  which we simply cannot get over here or just struggle to find.  So choosing products to review was down the iHerb virtual aisles was obviously so much fun.

First up was the Eden Foods, Organic Pasta Company, Kamut Spirals, $3.47

I am not a big pasta eater to say the least, but every so often I do have the odd cravings for a big bowl of pasta with pesto or a rustic tomato sauce.  I always by wholemeal pasta and never white pasta as I find that it bloats me out too much.  When I saw these organic Kamut Spirals on iHerb I thought they would be interesting to try out.

The kamut used in this particular pasta is organically farmed and milled and makes a great alternative to those who suffer from wheat allergies due to its high water soluble gluten.  It is also one of those special grains that is high in fibre and is also a great source of protein.

I thought this was really delicious and made for quick simple meals with lots of vegetables and a simple sauce.  It has a distinctively nutty taste like most wholegrain pastas and is very satisfyingly filling.  Pasta really is one of those store cupboard basics and I would happily buy this again as it is so budget friendly as an organic food goes and is really tasty product.

After seeing stevia on other blogs and reading how good it was I knew I had to get a bottle of NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia, $8.62.

Stevia is a 100% natural alternative to refined sugar and is derived from the leaves of a stevia plant.  Since it is a plant based sweetener it is made from natural extracts and does not contain any nasty chemicals or reagents an is alcohol free.  It has so many great uses and I have been loving it in my smoothie creations recently.    However,  you only need a few drops as it can be very sweet at times so be warned!


I am a massive fan of Kashi cereal and have tried a few of the different cereals out but was yet to try the Kashi GoLean Toasted Berry Crumble, $4.01.

What I think is great about this cereal range is there high protein content.  There is 9g per serving in this particular box to be exact.  It is just another great way to pack in more protein into your diet and also includes 8g of fibre per serving too.


Their ethos is to stay fuller for longer which is definitely achievable with this cereal as it contains 18g of wholegrains per serving!  A bowl of this crunchy toasted cereal with cranberries and blueberries with fresh fruit, nut butter and almond milk is definitely a great start to my day.

Another breakfast product that I was dying to try was Bob’s Red Mill, 10 Hot Grain Cereal, $2.58.

If you are trying to get more wholegrains into your diet then this cereal is seriously one for you as it contains wheat, rye, triticale, oats and oat bran, corn, barley, soybean, brown rice, millet and flaxseed…phew! It literally does what it says on the packet! 


You basically just treat this as you would traditional porridge oats and it can be made on the stove top or in the microwave.  I love mine made with water in the microwave with almond milk stirred in afterwards after it has cooked to make it super creamy and then going a little crazy on the toppings is a must.

Now this one was mainly for Alfie as he adores PB & Co peanut butters and their Cinnamon Raisin Swirl $5.07 was no different.  I have tried all of their flavoured peanut butters in the past and love them.  For me though they are a little bit too sugary and sweet so they are definitely just a treat for me.  But they are great on toast, as toppings for oats and cereals, for dipping fruit in for snacks or just straight up out of the jar.

So thank you iHerb for allowing me to try a selection of amazing products from your site.

Have you tried any of these products before?  What did you think?

Have you ever ordered anything from iHerb before?


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I *HEART* April

Well, considering that this is probably the wettest April that I can remember it hasn’t been a bad month.  I love doing these recap posts of  the months as they go by as even though the month may not have been particularly exciting it is nice too look back and to see that there was some highlights after all.


April for me has mainly been all about work…

I was so happy when I hit the send button to an email to my supervisor with the final chapter of my thesis attached.  I still have a lot of editing to do but it is great to know that a huge feat has been accomplished and the end is somewhat near.

It hasn’t all been about my thesis though as I have also been working on revamping my blog with a new layout and a header.

I also wrote a guest post over at amadoloves.co.uk about How to Keep Healthy for the Big Day with the underlying message that your husband to be loves the girl that he met however many years ago and will still love you forever more more regardless of your size.  I hope that came across well in the post.  Open-mouthed smile

Please drop me an email if you have any questions on anything outlined in that post or otherwise.


This month has been a huge focus on spending time with my loved ones with an incredible Easter lunch with my family and Alfie’s and also the naming ceremony of my baby nephew.

I finally finished designing our invitation suite so now it just needs printing off and the finishing touches can be made.


I even managed to treat myself with a trip to the hair dressers and a mini shopping spree as a reward of finishing the first draft of my thesis too.

And I have been a little baking mad this month too!

This month in particular I have made a vast improvement with my eating and my view on eating larger quantities. This was definitely evident this weekend where lots of chocolate and carbs and high calorific foods were consumed and it definitely wasn’t a phase of over eating for the sake of it, my body just wanted to eat those kinds of food.  Usually this would have freaked me out but I have come to realise that being more chilled out about my eating.  Being an advocate of balance and eat what you want but in moderation I think  a little bit of what you fancy does you no harm at all.

This month I would like to:

  • sort out my poor neglected front garden

  • continue to save and budget

  • enjoy running outside and increase my mileage

  • finalise the wedding cake design and source props and craft items for some of the DIY items for the wedding

  • sign up to a 10K race- I figured that I have way too much on right now to train for a half marathon

  • meet with my supervisor to discuss the revisions for the first draft of my thesis

  • sort out the recipe page on the blog

  • sort out my make up bag and make up ideas for the wedding

I am no expert on beauty and have no real idea of how to apply make up, but I do love playing with cosmetics.  I’m more of a slap it on and see what happens kind of girl Smile but I really want to make more of an effort in this area.  More so now as I am considering doing my own make up for my wedding…eek!

New make up brushes and make up are definitely on the cards for me this month and may be more work on  my wardrobe too since I have gotten rid of so many clothes. 

Make up and fashion, sounds like May is going to be a great month already!

How was April for you?

Are you a make up expert or a novice like me?


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Sharpham Park review

A few weeks ago I was sent a two boxes of cereal to review from Sharpham Park:


I received both the Spelt Berry Puffs and the Miller’s Muesli and have really been enjoying road testing them these past few weeks.

Spelt is a fabulous nutritious grain with a nut-like flavour. Many of the benefits of spelt is that it offers a broader spectrum of nutrients and goodness than wheat, which belongs to the same family of grains as spelt.  It provides and excellent source of zinc and fibre and protein, containing 8 different amino acids.  Spelt is highly soluble, which means the nutrients are rapidly absorbed by the body with little impact on the digestive system.  Like wheat it is a versatile product and can be turned into bread, cereal and pasta without in most cases producing any allergies.

Sharpham Park is set in Glastonbury Somerset and is dedicated in producing organic British grown spelt using their own mills.  Sustainability is at the heart of Sharpham Park’s producers as well as the quality of their products and what goes in to make them.  They were certified British organic 5 by the Soil Association in relation to their passion for detail where the manufacturing of their produce is concerned.


I’m a big cereal fan and have really enjoyed eating bowls full of these cereals with fresh fruit, rice milk and nut butters for a delicious breakfast.  One morning I think I mixed both of the cereals together in one bowl…the best of both worlds.

Sharpham Park make a wide range of spelt based cereal which is all organic.  Not only do they make spelt cereal but there is also a variety of artisan pastas, biscuits and cereal bars, spelt flour and lots more.  They have a lovely looking shop at Kilver Court, which looks like somewhere I would love to visit and buy lots of tasty organic food stuffs.

You can pick up Sharnham Park’s products in many different health food shops and farm shops across the UK,  Of course their whole range of spelt products can be found on their online shop for you all to enjoy.

The cost of the cereal, depending on what you are interested in buying ranges from £2.75 (porridge) to £6.95 (Luxury Granola), which I would happily pay for a tasty box of organic cereal as a treat.  Although the granola is a little bit pricey for me, but I’m sure it is amazing all the same.

Have you tried Sharpham Park products before? What did you think?

Are you a fan of spelt generally?

Oh and please don’t forget to sign up to the Foodie Blog Swap!  Thank you to everyone that has signed up so far, but we need more lovely people from the US to join in!!!


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